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We somehow got used to the idea that the house building - it is virtually unshakable, eternal builtix, power over which is only at the time and the evil rock (either in the form of ill will of man, either in the form of the natural disaster). Of course this is not true, because there are many objective reasons for the building, in the place in which it is located, may suffer. Particularly unfortunate if the destruction threatens cult, religious, Eastoricheskim and cultural facilities. Or a person is forced to move to another region (for some objective or subjective reasons also), and leave the family home as it is a pity. In such a case can be quite useful service for movement of buildings and structures. In the world there is a solid enough experience and examples of more and less granddioznyh projects, such as moving Seylemskoy Church in the United States, the temple of Abu Simbel in Egypt, etc. In the same United States, where common is the frame-panel technology of construction of buildings and a large element annually substitutes bandwagon, this service is quite popular. An example is the Houston removals from city centerHouston, Texas:. Its activities include not only the transportation of furniture and art houses, offices, but also the movement of the buildings themselves. This process, according to international experience can occur in two main ways:

  • Partial transfer . Is dismantling the building, its movement and Sat.Orcs at the final location. In the widespread use of frame-panel technology, this process does not take long and does not create any difficulties;
  • Full migration . In this case, the transfer is made entirely of buildings. This is preceded by a whole range of engineering studies and IPuse of special conveying wheel or rail platforms.

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