What is a server and where it is located

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In today's world, when the majority of productiongovernmental management operations carried out in a virtual plane can not get away from the use of personal computers and peripheral equipment, which provides a more comfortable use of their operators. Naturally, the main advantage of modern network technologies (both local and Internet) are the widest inPOSSIBILITY communications, data storage and processing. Any more or less respectable company that uses a large number of office equipment, faced with the problem of data storage, which accumulates a sufficient amount, as well as the effective operation of the network system of the organization. We can not do without the use of so-called servers - communication nodes (switching) is a link in any of the local network and the Internet. Naturally, the "protagonist" any server is a separate execution unit - server. This kind of an analogue of a conventional personal computer, but more powerful, adapted to work in a network (including, by Execuzovaniya special software), with a large amount of physical storage media. To accommodate servers, as well as auxiliary and peripheral equipment server nodes are special mounting blocks - or floor. Their use allows to compose the equipment, pave the line connects, organizesacce power and cooling servers.

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