Plastic garbage bags


The usual plastic bag was released in the US in 1957 with the purpose of use for foodstuffsComrade. In the manufacture of these packages use a relatively inexpensive material called polyethylene. Everyone knows that in any business or construction activities, the first place on demand and distribution take trash bags. By the way, you can buy high-quality plastic in "Avantpak." These packagesfacilitate any work permit cleaning done quickly and efficiently. There are many types of these bags, which has its own extensive system of classification:

  1. The strength and elasticity . These characteristics depend largely on the thickness of the film which is used for Bendingotovlenii these bags. Generally, the density of the polyethylene film of the bag ranges from 6 to 100 micron;
  2. volume . Used in industrial and household conditions bags in sizes from 20 to 200 liters;
  3. The ability to recycle recycling ;
  4. Colours . Very often use bags in black, blue, green and white colors sometimes, dense or transparent structure;
  5. The presence of flavoring additives . Some manufacturers add various additives in the production phase,giving bags distinct flavor.

A wide range and diversity of this category allows you to pick up packages for any type of debris. The volume, which is a roll, in the range of 15 to 80 liters, and usually consists of 30-100 units per roll. The most common type of garbage bags yavlyayutsya bags with ribbons, which after use can be fastened and debris does not apply to the territory. These packets are typically used daily. In construction, where, in fact, every minute there is a certain amount of process waste, the quality of garbage bags (capacity, density) special requirements.This ensures safe storage of waste and, in addition, these packages are not dangerous for the environment. When processing no harmful effects on the natural environment, and the burning of not emit dangerous substances.

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