The usefulness and necessity of creatine


Creatine – is a substance that is necessary to anyone Nezisimo of whether he is an athlete, bodybuilder or not. A lot of people have probably heard of it and know that our body is able to produce creatine itself. But what it represents?

Wikipedia gives this definition: « creatine – is a nitrogen-containing carboxylic acid, which is found in oporganisms vertebrates. She is involved in energy metabolism in muscle and nerve cells & raquo ;. However, those who play sports often require additional « recharge » creatine.

The fact is that if the stock of the acid in the muscles will be present in large quantities, and the strength of an athlete Budis greater. You can raise a lot of weight several times longer as increased stamina, and with proper nutrition and muscle mass itself. If you want to try to increase their power rates that are in place, we recommend that you take sports nutrition. Creatine is suitable not only for strength training, but also for the easterntions of martial arts.

Terms of creatine supplementation

Buy Creatine is not difficult, it is in every store of sports nutrition. But it is important not only to buy it, but also the right to take. The first option is receiving 20 grams of creatine per day for 5 days. Effectcomes pretty quickly. This method has proven to be effective.

In the second case, creatine is used by 5 grams daily, but then the results earlier than 2 weeks is not worth waiting. Peak form comes only a month receiving substances, so the effectiveness of this method is lower than that of the first. &Nbsp; AtNima creatine can with sugar water before exercise and after, as well as in the morning and two hours before a night's sleep.

Views and reviews

There are different types of creatine, paint can be infinite. But it is necessary to know what you need to buy creatine monohydrate. The bank 300 grams if the substance is applied to one scheme, it will last for 45 days. Advantages of the monohydrate and it is low cost, but the effect after administration is much higher than that of the capsule expensive versions. Reviews of creatine in most cases positive, because his advice even famous athletes and bodybuilders.

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