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Heading for Architecture – this practical work, and the task of the student - a demonstration of the obtained skills. Since it is important for the architect's ability to build all sorts of drawings and projects, the most important thing in the course – not the theoretical part. Particular attention is paid to drawing plans totorye carried out in strict accordance with the applicable rules and regulations. Special attention should be paid to the requirements of guidelines for course work. They usually shows the basic requirements for registration of each part. With plans for the future architect should be on « & raquo ;, you read them like a book. He dollarstheir wives to be able to draw as if born with this skill. Yes, it's a real professional quality, and you can get, only need talent, experience, desire to work and self-improvement. Total something for nothing! At first it is very difficult to cope with this kind of work the first time, we have a lot of drawings remodel. PoetWMD may be too difficult and responsible task. But it is not that hard, so you have plans and projects will eventually be obtained easily and quickly.

Some nuances

The first course usually provide plans for the construction of small objects . LaneU how to start a drawing, you must understand the legend. For example, draw a floor plan with the calculation that the section plane is at a distance of two meters above the floor on each floor. Sketches of equipment and steps which are located below the plane must be drawn visible lines. All waspstal elements located above, not drawn. With regard to the flight of stairs, it portrayed a diagonal line. To indicate the contours of main walls using thick solid line in 1 mm. For the rest of the elements used by the thin solid with dimensions of 0.5 mm 0,3ili. If you want to designate an axis, its draw carefully circle,   diameter - 10 mm. Requires labeling of vertical and horizontal axes: for this purpose, numbers and capital letters of the Russian alphabet (except those that should never be large).
This is certainly not a complete list of requirements, but it says that the Architectural work are classified as the most difficult. Therefore, merpeniya you perseverance and unspoiled drawings!

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