What is a joint purchase and the beneficial ones


It seems that it is no big secret is the fact that priobretenie goods at wholesale (selling) price is much more profitable than buying retail. In terms of production of goods - this is natural, since the production of an established party goods much cheaper than the production of a single sample. In terms of sales of goods, there is exactly the same pattern. But chelovecal nature is such that it will always look somewhere cheaper, that is, look for the opportunity to purchase goods at wholesale prices. Put yourself in line for the price with the dealer of products can be by issuing a so-called joint purchases - organized by the order of production carried out by a group of persons. To date, the network can find a lot of sitesin that the joint purchase discount service, for example:. The key to this method of booking is a quantity which needs to be at least minimally beneficial for the producer. Here in the implementation of the scheme shall mediator - the organizer of the purchase - which forms this same basket orders at wholesale price and then distributes ee among customers. Pricing in this case consists of the following elements:

  • organizational meeting - interest profit organizer (usually 10 to 20% of the wholesale value of the goods);
  • the actual value of the goods at the wholesale equivalent;
  • the cost of shipping goods (calculated according to the tariffs of the company-carrier).

As a rule, for the organization of this joint collaboration, specialized sites. A positive aspect in such a purchase is by far the price, but it also has a number of negative momentov:

  • lack of a preliminary assessment of the goods in terms of size, quality, and so on. P.;
  • need to wait for delivery until full clearance shopping basket;
  • inability to cancel the order.

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