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It's hard not to notice that the majority of high-rise under construction todays buildings (except for multifamily housing) are office space. This is the place from where the whole process of management of the company and it comprises a number of employees. Naturally, such a number of people need to somehow combine to perform its tasks, in addition to create a comfortable environment for their pStarted. This can not be done without the use of a specialized office furniture. Despite, all its diversity, diverse, all without exception, office furniture has three main functions:

  • Proper organization of the work area (the workplace and the surrounding area);
  • Combining structural units (departments, workgroups) team in the implementation of a common task;
  • The creation and implementation of corporate style.

One of the best deals in this area has a furniture company "Grieg". It isa leading manufacturer of cabinet and upholstered furniture for different types of office space. List of products able to meet any market segment, from budget to high-end. divided into thematic groups following conventions:

  • Furniture for staff. In this group of products, there are six seriesoffice suites, which are designed as closely as possible to organize the work area office staff;
  • Furniture for offices includes leaders have up to nine themed suites, designed to most accurately recreate the desired atmosphere in the office of the head;
  • Furniture organizatsii reception area office (reception);
  • Office chairs of various types;
  • Upholstered furniture such as sofas office.

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