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For those sixteen and whetherSHKOM years, the company operates in the market Brille lighting Ukraine, its range of products has become very broad, ranging from conventional incandescent lamps and ending with all kinds and related equipment. Familiarize yourself with all the list of products is available on the official website of the company -. In this article we take a closer waspsshall take up this spectrum as LED lighting. It is the trend of our time, an attempt to find a compromise and cost-effective solution for lighting, in terms of the harmonious combination of price, power, vitality and magnitude of the output flux. Its spread and gradually crowding out other species shinetional devices, LEDs are required to your device. worth more because LED bulb is the most environmentally friendly and safe source of light. They do not involve the use of harmful substances such as mercury, which greatly facilitates their disposal. Furthermore, the use of LED technology allows to reduce dimensions lampy, reduce its power consumption to increase significantly, life. In the list of LED products brand Brille including the following categories:

  • LED (light-emitting diode) lamps of different power and pinout;
  • street LED spotlights capacity from 10 to 80 W;
  • LED lamps, including retail, office, street, house point;
  • LED panel lights, and wall and ceiling type;
  • table lamps with LED elements;
  • Specialized Vehiclesnye lamps based on light-emitting diodes;
  • components for LED systems (transformers, controllers, tape units).

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