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A man by nature is its extremely inquisitive suschesTwomey, constantly looking for adventure (and sometimes, as they say, "one place") and tries to quench that thirst. Someone, due to the peculiarities of character and developed sense of adventure, this can be much more than the others. But this part of humanity that can not afford to surrender without restraint travel and adventure, it is very small. As for the restthe majority of mankind, except for pleasure trips to the sea or to the country, is trying to compensate for this lack of adventure in a different way. At present, such a view by adventure movies. It's a genre film, in which the emphasis is on everything that man was supposed to get a real adventure: new impresspecial experience, using his intelligence and ingenuity in difficult situations, exciting, sometimes comic situations. As is typical for any cinematic genre, including for adventure, he is not independent, and within a single movie smoothly crossed with other genres, such as historical, science fictioncal, comedy, drama, etc. Adventure movie has all the moments of this adventure (no matter what his subtext - household, historical or fantastic): improbable situations and events, the fight with the wicked, dizzying journey, complex but interesting situation. By the way, in free mode, onlay, please visit: Among the most significant representatives of the genre (versions of the portal include: Interstellar, Lord of the Rings. Trilogy, Gladiator, Back to the Future, Pirates of the Caribbean, Django released, Dances with Wolves, Star Wars and many others.

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