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Despite the emergence of modern media, such as: internet electrictional books and television, books have not lost their relevance. Their really is no substitute. For many they are the pride and real spiritual treasure. Some family library gathered more than one generation.

There is no need long to explain why the books should be careful attitude. Especially when. This appliesI like to personal collections, as well as public, corporate, educational and other libraries. What are the nuances of when transporting books?

First of all, make sure that the packaging material. After the temperature drop, dirt, moisture, shaking the road affect the condition of the books. They should be on this wall. The most practicalmetry packing boxes are considered to be the average volume. This is due to the fact that the books are albeit small, but rather by weight of heavy objects. The most rational to put into one box not more than thirty pounds. This is perfectly acceptable when transferring and loading.

When holding books in boxes, it is desirable to choose one of their fformat of performance. To protect against damage and deformation formed cavity filled with newspapers or other soft material. This will keep their appearance.

If you get enough of the box does not work, use the kraft paper. Wrap them in a book, and for easy carrying tie top with string.

Do not forget to label the packaging. At the new place it will help faster to decompress, to sort and arrange on a bookshelf. Especially it will be useful for the transport of large libraries. Much easier to deal with the boxes, if they have the inscription: « ZHZL & raquo ;, « Encyclopedia & raquo ;, « Adventure & raquo ;.

Osoticular approach is required if the library contains expensive editions, rare items and antiques. During their transportation need particularly careful treatment and the greatest caution. If there is any doubt that you can cope with the delivery of their own, it is best to use the services of companies with experience in such traffic, such as trucking Kievorders from Exstraeconom, which provides transportation to Kiev cheap.

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