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Every day wandering the vast expanses of the Internet, just working at a computerat work or spend their leisure time at home, we are dealing with absolute diverse information. This can be both text and graphic files from which various kinds of actions. For example, take a pretty popular nowadays resource as social networks. Here we can find old and new friends, talk on various topics, VIEWret videos and listen to music. The main argument of the search for visual identification and discussion among the social networks are the photos, that is graphics. It just so happens, and quite often, that the size of the image file you want to upload to the service (both in terms of resolution, and in terms of the volume of the file), notcoincides with the bandwidth capabilities and requirements of the service itself. Because the image is still required to fill in the server (file storage), you have to carry out a number of operations that will help change the size and volume of the graphic file. In order not to look for the appropriate editing and install it on your PC, an existing memberexists an online photo editing service - ResizePicOnline. Its use will allow you the comfort of online mode or simply in our opinion - resize pictures. This online editor is possible to download a one-time processing and up to 10 photos, selecting the desired original size and quality of the final image. The same resource etc.Allows a tool for creating avatars for profiles in social networks.

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