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Man by nature is quite inquisitive, curious creatures. With that, generally, this featurenature can equally pronounced as in childhood (here is the nature laid kinda like one of the main tools of self-development) and in the middle and mature. A person experiences a certain craving for something unknown, new, interesting. And what could be more interesting to a great, informative tour? Remember that word? For sureand every child, starting with kindergarten through high school, has visited various museums, zoos, exhibitions and attractions. That's all and were excursions, ie collective (and possibly single) visit all the above mentioned, objects. Tour - it's either a mass (eg, in a group or class of kindergartensa school) or individual (eg, parents or on their own, in adulthood) pastime, which pursues educational, scientific, sporting or recreational purposes also. By the way, book a tour at any point on the globe, please visit:. As a rule, the tour is subject to certain attractionsspine, which has its own history or else storing the history of any events (museum). For more information, almost all tours are conducted tour guide (especially if it's guided tours) - a man who for sure is guided throughout the visible and invisible information on the project.

Class A excursions etc.on the following criteria:

  • content (sightseeing, theme, training);
  • The group (collective and individual);
  • Venue (local, country, museum, productionnnye etc.);
  • gear member movements (walking, transportation);
  • shape (extras, walk, lecture, concert, performance).

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