What is nostrification


In modern society, higher education becomessya every year, in fact, the same binding as the basic medium. It's not just the zeal of heart or desire to experience the freedom and joy of student life. In the presence of higher education lies a far more serious overtones than even the knowledge gained. In practice, it turns out that having a diploma, preferably a top university worth its nervy look more realistic nabytyh knowledge. In part this is certainly true, but education itself has not been canceled, and the training of top national universities is significantly better than the provincial. Say more, even the best domestic education are often inferior in quality (both process and final knowledge and skills) training foreign universities. So Muchas the conditions for admission to study abroad is quite loyal, and then obtain excellent knowledge, and a diploma of European and world standards in the bargain, it is among our countrymen far more popular. Such a diploma opens up great prospects in the labor market and career development, both at European and at the domestic level. Allzagvozda is that domestic and foreign diplomas sample have different legal effect on a given territory, and therefore subject to nostrification. It's kind of documentary authenticity of the diploma examination, which is provided in accordance with domestic law. By the way can be ordered in the center of translation&Laquo; ESPERANTO ».

Nostrification - is a complex process that involves the following main steps:

  • drawing up the necessary documents;
  • examination of documents found to comply with the Ministry of Education;
  • experton results of audit.
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