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For those who want to organize their career need to knowthat the best time for: sending out resumes, job search and familiarity with the employer is December. Yes it is the end of the year. You ask why? And this tells us Petrov AN - Officer   site to find work and staff jobmax.ru. Many may think that on the eve of New Year holidays to relax and look for a job not a hundredum, they say: "Who is the New Year will be to arrange an interview?". And it was not there! According to the annual statistics proved that December is the perfect month for a job change. Below is the reasons why the work is beneficial to look for it in December.

1. Remains of free money from the companies

Often firmah free money are found in December. In large corporations, this happens very often. It was in December ceases to understand that there is money to increase in staff, but it must be done before the end of the year, otherwise, the money will be lost.

2. Low competition among applicants

Painmajority of people assume that at the end of the year to look for work is not worth it, most people think that December is better to sit at home. The result: a small competition for a place, and a great chance to get a sting position.

3. Dismissal after receiving bonuses

Often organizations give bonuses in December, so rainvshis all entitlements, namely in December employees apply for dismissal. You just have to express themselves and get the desired position in the cellar.

4. Urgent projects and the lack of performers

Sudden projects require immediate execution, and everyone knows that most pabotnikov go on vacation at the end of the year just before the New Year holidays. Imagine that you need to perform an urgent project, and all employees are on vacation. In this case, the firm may take you a while or to sign a contract. Although a permanent employee and will return after the holiday, but you will have a chance to show themselves. And in case your workand like the employer, it is likely for you to find a more suitable place for you.

5. Willingness to work at any time

When the heads of departments or recruiters urgently need to find an employee, the fact that you stay in sight even during the holidays, will allow you to stand out and makeimpression.

6. Networking and good about yourself recalling

In December, you well may help Networking. December - a great time to socialize with their friends, because people are often much less work, and they certainly have time to meet at a cafe. And after this meeting, you will 1-th, whom they remember, in the event of a vacancy.

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