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The production process is the most prominent feature of professional cosmetics, which sets it apart from the ordinary. Features of this process are held in secret, and no one has ever disclosed. Very often such cosmetics produce pharmaceutical plants, which is a guarantee of unconditional compliance with all technological nuances. In addition, the manufacturer, positioning their products as professionalnuyu, has its own microbiology laboratory, through which passes all the finished products, exposing her very complex analysis. Enough to have one bottle caused any suspicion, and destroy the whole lot. Do you think that it is irrational? Possibly, but prestige products, which works in the art and health notrebiteley above all. produced in a limited quantity. Very often the raw material that is used in the production, grown under the order and the number of « jars » professional cosmetics very little.

Classification of cosmetics:

  • mass (the so-called mass-market);
  • middle-class;
  • premium (elite, luxury).

class mass-market make inexpensive means that in the production were not subjected to multi-level. This does not mean that the poor-quality cosmetics, but in any case it is nothelp solve serious cosmetic problem and something correct.

Middle-klasss - it is inexpensive, but quite efficient and reliable cosmetics. This class may include the following brands: Vichy, L ’ Oreal, Revlon, Yves Rocher and others.

Premium class – is excellent, andconsistently high-quality medicines and the best perfume houses. Premium quality with the image component as one would expect supported by a sufficiently high price.

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