What is a language lab


Optimization and improvement of the educational process nelGia imagined without the most appropriate forms and methods of teaching. In the modern system of education in the learning process introduced everywhere active methods and technical means. So today serve as a technical means of some tools teachers who are able to strengthen the culture of his work. They are used during different species-in employment as a means of control of learning, presentation of educational material, the automation of the learning process, development of various skills in students. These include technical means - a special class, complete with complex projection, Acoustic sound and film projection equipment (electrophones, tape, establishingoh workplace learners amplifier microphone headset et al.), which allows the audio-visual method to create the conditions for the student to master the skills of self-speech culture of the native language, non-native oral speech skills in theater universities.

Advantages of language laboratory:

  • complex use (connection to your TV or CD-player);
  • the diversity of modes of forms of work (group mode, doubles, total);
  • control cognitive activity at all stages;
  • nature of mutualodeystviya students and teachers.

The functions of language laboratory:

  • training-training;
  • informative;
  • communicative;
  • management training activities;
  • controls-correcting.

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