Brand eyeglasses Carrera


There are in world history many examples of how the trademark hundredvshaya success, made his name in some narrow specialized area, also successfully continues to work in other directions. So it was with sunglasses company Ray Ban, which is producing sunglasses for pilots suddenly developed into a world famous brand. As happened with the other optical studio - Carrera, which began with the development of specialistial glasses and masks for skiing (which, incidentally, she still continues to seriously pursue), finishing with a time of significant niche market of sunglasses and frames. Any buyer in the world can easily become the owner of brand Carrera glasses or lenses designed to pick up at least branded frames, combining thatThus, with pleasure. The uniqueness of the brand Carrera is that it combines the achievements of sport materials and technologies that are used in the production of "civilian" points. Despite the variety of colors and shapes will undoubtedly carry bright, calling, adventurous spirit of extreme sports. Now you have the uniqueI have the opportunity to improve their visual perception and, thus, could not be better to look at the stunning recover from the Italian brand. It lenses you can choose a frame of any shape (rectangular, round grandovaya, oval, square, teardrop-shaped), type (Tipping, poluobodkovaya, rimless). About variety and combination of colorsand can not speak - at your service, monotonous, combined or textured frame.

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