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The concept of fitness, in fact, many-sided and does not affect onlyelements of physical training and technology weight loss (although it is a set of exercises firmly associated with the concept of our time). In a deep sense, the concept of fitness covers general physical condition, or rather the preparation of (trained) body. Ie, it is, in some way, a perfect (or close to that) the state of the body, defdeter- mined as biological (innate) characteristics and acquired during life, in which a person can successfully pass on their genetic information to their offspring and easily and adequately respond to the specific conditions and situations in their environment. To those defining characteristics include the work serdechnososudistoy system, muscle flexibility and endurance, strength, balance, coordination, reaction and body mass index. If you do not go into much deeper detail, fitness is a set of techniques and trends, aimed at changing the forms and states of the body, as well as strengthening and support the results. Fitness- Is a comprehensive program that includes how exercise and proper nutrition (diet), fixing the results of physical training. All methods are strictly individual fitness and take into account the condition of the body of each individual engaged. Among the most popular and sought after techniques which in some way may be referred tofitness, isolated: sport (any of its kind aimed at strengthening and improving the body), dance, gymnastics, Pilates, Bodyflex, martial arts and gymnastics, and much more.

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