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Watermelon diet for weight loss

Igor Igor
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Currently, invented and tested quite a pluralOn various diet programs, diet, exercise, etc. Based on the characteristics of the organism, individual preferences, and the end result can be effortlessly independently pick up the necessary technique. It is only necessary to use common sense and consult a specialist.

The most simple, affordable and populationyarnym method of weight loss on hot days is the watermelon diet. Adhering to this diet can not only lose weight for 3 - 5 kg. but also significantly improve health and mood.

The principles of watermelon diet

is one of the so-called seasonal or summer diets, because the main ingredient daysFull-time menu is watermelon.

Watermelon is considered not only an excellent dietary product, it is also very refreshing body. In addition, this berry contains an impressive number of beneficial vitamins and trace elements.

The principle of watermelon diet is pretty simple. Primarily it consists in removing excess liquid fromorganism slags, fats, venoms. Due to the content in watermelon useful natural fiber, such weight loss will significantly improve digestion.

In addition, watermelon provides a daily dose of vitamin C. It is also to a large extent it contains folic acid and iron. The latter provides a natural An increaseof hemoglobin in the blood.

However, despite all the useful properties of watermelon, watermelon weight loss will be useful and equally effective is not for everyone. So, it is contraindicated in diseases of the pancreas, diabetes and problems of the genitourinary system.

The following are major and popular types of watermelon diet, and theyenno 5 and 10 days.

Watermelon diet for 5 days

This option is called a mono-diet, as the main and only product to use at all times comply with a watermelon and water. In addition, he is the most rigid and difficult in terms of compliance.

Sticking to this method should be dabout 5 days. During this time, you can actually lose 2 - 5 pounds hated.

Full menu should consist of at least 2 - liters of clean water and 1 kg of watermelon a day. Eating berries should be divided into equal intervals of time and use the same amount. Other food is strictly prohibited. KIn addition, the salt is the main ingredient of heading Prohibited List.

By choosing a watermelon should be treated no less carefully. Because watermelons may contain nitrates, before and after the purchase should be checked for their contents. To do this, omit the flesh of watermelon in clean water. If zhidskost acquired pale pink sludgeand red, then it is a sign of poor watermelon. And if the water in front became dull, we can safely say that such a watermelon “ net ” and contains no additives.

Watermelon diet for 10 days

This option is considered to be less difficult to comply with, but requires no less endurance and strengthwill. Menu a little more varied than in the 5 - day version. In addition to watermelon allowed to eat rye bread (no more than 8 - 9 pieces per day), a little fruit and vegetables.

Sticking to such meager menu should be about 10 days, and as a result of weight loss can be up to 8 kg . However, after the termination of watermelon diet requires severaldays to follow a healthy and wholesome food. This is to ensure that the lost weight never came back after a few days after the transition to a normal diet.

Sample menu for these days can be as follows:

  • B : 1 cup of coffee, the average serving of fat-free cottage cheese with parsleyth;
  • Lunch : pear or orange;
  • lunch : stew lean meat, green salad vegetables (spinach, greens, cucumbers, cabbage);
  • lunch : a light salad of tomatoes, greens, low-fat cheese;
  • Dinner : the flesh of watermelon.

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