Advantages of the laminate 33 class

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Laminate, today, is one of the most running, popularx, convenient and practical flooring in the construction market. His popularity is due to several, both practical and psychological factors:

  • First, laminate and basically and understanding - a wooden cover that in a kind of psychological, genetic level puts it above all therelinoleum, tiles, etc.;
  • Second, laminate, very practical stuff. Laying laminate takes far less time than with traditional flooring and, especially, wooden floor;
  • Third, laminate - design decorative material. The availability of modern FILMx coatings (and the upper bowl covered with foil or resin and is primarily a protective function) and processing techniques makes it possible to create a drawing and structure to suit all tastes.

Laminate is a four-board, each layer of which performs a specific function (protection against deformation, stiffness, thoseploizolyatsiya, noise suppression, decorations), and the combination of materials and functional purpose is divided into several classes (from domestic to industrial and sports). For example, is the ideal solution in the field of commercial (offices, shops), where the share of sex daily basis intensity. In such circumstances, the coating mustto have a high resistance, hardness and withstand the daily load. The main advantages of laminate 33 classes include high wear resistance, long service life, reliability, water resistance, ease of operation and a wealth of styles. Choosing laminate of this class, you are guaranteed to ensure the reliability and coatingsth floor in the office for many years.

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