What is precision farming


Modern technology and the results of scientific, technical andzyskany are intended to optimize all processes associated with the use of the planet's resources. Everyone has heard terms such as renewable energy, alternative energy sources, Recycling, more efficient (not least environmental) production and others. Meanwhile, nowmore than twenty years as the impact of the optimization is not spared agriculture and its variety - farming. Use of such a scientific term and approach to doing the work as "" (TOR). The concept of TK is based on the analysis of the geological condition of the soil, for example, in a particular field (field group). The point is that within oneField of the structure and composition of the soil, its various sections is uniform. The reason for this phenomenon may be the terrain, the impact of natural events (rainfall, groundwater, erosion, etc.), human activities. It follows that the different parts of the field require different fueling (fertilizers, irrigation, cultivation) that rightto lead to cost savings and reduce the harmful effects on the environment. To assess the state of the soil used GIS, GPS, sensors, aerial photography. Based on these data, performed sowing planning, calculation of the number of seeds, fertilizers, protective substances, evaluation of the probable yield and profitability. Concepts and Methodski TK in their field can be:

  • agronomic (improvement of production);
  • engineering (planning stages of Agriculture);
  • environmental (reduction of harmful effects on the soil);
  • EconomicalRP G (revenue growth).

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