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Forex is the interbank foreign exchange market, not limited to the specific exchange rate quotesor simply a great tool to. Forex is an international market, and its operations are conducted through the central bank, ordinary banks, dealers, brokers, insurers, various funds and international corporations. Among the most famous players in this market Deutsche Bank, Barclays Bank, City Bank and many other international banking authorityOrganization. The international status of cross-currency transactions affects the size of the average transaction or contract, as well as the daily turnover of the average volume of the contract is approximately $ 5 million or equivalent unit at the time, as the daily turnover - over $ 4 trillion. Besides monthly prihoditsI spend about 6 thousand dollars for the allocation of seats on the market and access to information and trading terminal. That is why for a long time participants in this market were only fairly big players, because pay fabulous sums of money for a place in the market, and interest for the operation profitable only if large turnover (standard rate of approximately100 thousand dollars). In such circumstances, participation in the market for players with small capital possible through margin (Rychagova) trade. In this case, there is no exchange or transfer of real currency funds and private player is required to participate in the exchange transaction, security deposit or margin. He serves as a guarantee covering the costs regulationcon trols, in the case of unsuccessful operations of the player. But now the situation has changed and forex at the moment - as for the rich and for the owners "modest" state.

Operations in the foreign exchange market can be classified by their purpose of:

  • trading (delivery of real currency in large volumes);
  • speculative (margin);
  • hedging (futures, price risk compensation);
  • regulators (government regulation of central banks).

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