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You are only just become the owner of the coveted driver OMOLOGtion. Spent a lot of money, time, nerves and effort to get the opportunity to join the club of motorists. And now the question arose about the long-awaited purchase iron horse, which should become your irreplaceable friend. What kind of car to choose: a brand new alien fresh from the salon or old (or not)avtomobilchik used. You ate somehow limited in financial terms, and yet not quite feel confident driving in the city, maybe you should opt for the second option. And why did better on the second option Tell us Nesterov AL - employee where there is a choice shyrochayshy used cars.

Buying a used car has at least two advantages:
  • First, it allows you to save money (sometimes up to 50% compared with a new sample);
  • Second, it's a great opportunity to improve justacquired skills of driving and car maintenance and prepare for the purchase of a new, and therefore very valuable car.

But this deal also has one drawback - buying a used car, you often buy a "pig in a poke." This is particularly an issue is when the car purchasersis to hand in the auto market or online ads. Quite often, so not only sell cars with mileage, but also with an impressive tail defects: after an accident, broken, rusty, no airbags (they have already been used), with a twisted speedometer and more. Not everyone is a professional mechanic can sometimes identify alldefects that we talk about green inexperienced buyer. The alternative is to buy a used / have a car from good friends or certified centers, where there is a guarantee of technical efficiency of the car.

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