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With the advice of Dale Carnegie, you will learn how to achieve the desired things and teach people to listen to you and please them. Do you want to achieve excellence in the field of communication for the minimum amount of time? Then follow the advice of Dale Carnegie:

You do not need criticism

Criticism – when it isa sign that the person is trying to justify himself, thus protecting other people. The hazard of criticism – ability to evoke feelings of resentment and bewilderment, thereby hurting self-esteem in order to anyone facing this criticism. How do you feel when you criticize? Is it because you wishanswer the offender in a more rigid form, or vice versa, to disappear from sight criticizing human rights and the whole environment? Criticism, in any case, does not bring virtually no benefit.

The criticism facing the man takes his strength, because of what he gets out of his balance and shows weakness. For these properties toHrithik became the main weapon in the form of psychological conflict. Not everyone is able to fight with the criticism. If you expose someone to criticism, then you make a person feel negative, and he gets a chance to attack you. If you do keep response to the criticism, then put yourself in a positione. It is much more logical to exclude all criticism.

The criticism is a very big enemy, in which there is no use for you and for others. Treat friendly and open world.

Be praise

Do not skimp on the expression of praise and approval. Your your blagosklonnost may even be remembered for her throughout her life, talking about it all over again. Approval and praise can be called candy, in which zero calories. However, our communication is very stingy with such sweetness. Try it at the moment to praise or encourage their loved one.

Praise orReassure the person, the location where you want to achieve. Too much praise does not happen. People are constantly immersed in their own problems, and waiting when someone sweeten their lives.

Learn to listen

All appreciate the attentive listeners, regardless of the number of words utterednnyh them. You can easily woo the man, if you show that you are attentive listener. The listener is often compared to a doctor. Attentive listening is possible to induce a person to his opinion, and he finds proof of the correctness of your opinions. In the words of antique sage Plutarch: « We are given one mouth and two ears. There-mu, listen to a lot more than talk & raquo ;. Good conversationalist distinguishes the ability to hear what they say.

Say no dispute

Make it so that the source was unaware of your desires. But without controversy, as it leads to misunderstanding and resentment. Do not mind if directlyyou disagree with someone. Do not impose your opinion. Build the right words in your sentences, and your partner will put their own into question.

If you want to win an argument, you do not argue, as it will cause misunderstanding and resentment.

Man is capable of much, with the ability to listen and speak properly. People who raBotha with a lot of people attend courses to be built correctly conversations. The rest of the advice of Dale Carnegie can be found in the following sections.

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