A law degree


Jurisprudence - a comprehensiveth branch of knowledge, studying law and the legal system, the activities on the creation and application of the law. Jurisprudence - a system of training, knowledge base and foundation of legal practice. The whole complex subjects of law can be organized into three groups, according to the function they perform in the educational process and further practicalActivities:

  • theoretical sciences (history and theory of law, etc.);
  • branch of science (criminal, administrative law, etc.);
  • Applied Science (yurpsihologiya, criminalistics, sudmeditsina, etc.).

Since the beginning of the twentieth century to the present day, the public and business relations have become more open, extensive and that is why, greatly increased the role of law in the regulation of these relationships. The system of training qualified lawyer, usually lasts up to 5 years and consists of two stages, after which the student may receives Bachelor's degree or Master of Laws. Detailed visit the website:. The activities of a lawyer in contact with a huge responsibility, because the purpose of it - to regulate legal relations in the society, the regulation of the order of life and functioning of society. That is why, in addition to all the theoretical knowledge acquired at the university, Serious and thorough practice, experience and practical knowledge. Only this combination will allow the lawyer of the newly hardened professional make applying for prestigious and well-paid positions.

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