Attractions: park complexes


For a normal human life, so the optimalRudova and social activities, a person needs to leisure, the structure of which must be a game of action and entertainment. Entertainment necessary for leisure and emotional development of the individual. Parks are a significant segment of cultural institutions in Ukraine, operating in a specially organized atnative (park) environment to meet a variety of cultural - recreational needs of the population. Also, it is very popular, which are a great place for leisure.

Attractions occupy a leading place in the park system, play an important role in the implementation of the entertainment features parks. Quality and level of Deytions the park is largely dependent on its technical equipment and state-building rides. It rides assigned to the most popular cultural services lucrative entertainment. However, attractions - the leading element of Parks, which concentrates a number of issues related to the production, the materialno - technical, financial and organizational support: purchase, installation, safe operation, the statement of prices for the use and so on. These issues have been and remain the most complex. Background research is determined by the need to theoretical - methodological interpretation of the entertainment industry, foreign and domesticachievements in the field of production and the introduction of modern amusement parks samples for further development of the domestic park complexes in accordance with changes in society. Note also that this subject requires a decision in connection with the "practical tasks to create a modern leisure and entertainment industry, predictsAnia and modeling of rational budgets of free time ... "," ... improve the culture of free time ... "(W. Pietsch, R.Sadova). These issues are reflected in the writings of scientists, specialists park business practice park cells, but the achievements of the national park industry does not meet the requirements in Ukrainee lack of a comprehensive concept of development.

But this kind of otdiha as amusement only available during the warmer months, as winter amusement can easily replace the entertainment venues that can entertain children and adults.

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