The main types of tissue


Cotton produce mixed, with the addition of chemical portageMr. predominantly Dacron, nylon and vinol. They are made of single-stranded or twisted yarns, mainly carded; weave: twill, different combination and derived from the simple, certain types of tissues - piled. Dyed fabric produced in dark colors, as well as melange and colorful; with various special Deptree: protiusadochnimy, nezminalnimy and others (respectively the appointment).

The main types of tissues : jeans, pile, tights, nachisni fabric diagonally moleskin, matting, and other reps.

Pile fabrics are on the front surface of the split hair, they produce utochnovorsovim weave, dyed, Numtohlopchastie or with the addition of fiber Dacron. The main types of fabrics: velvet, polubarhat, corduroy.

Velvet and polubarhat are on the surface of a vertical short-cut pile.

Tights - this diverse group of colorful and melange fabrics, which differ in structure and character finishes. Shuffleodyat tights of twisted yarn at the base but not twisted into a duck, clean - with the addition of cotton and viscose fibers or Dacron.   Tights are characterized by low elongation, low dusting and Cutting through the threads, but have a high shrinkage. Tights can be no title, or have different names: "Sport", "Rocket", "Silhouette" and others.Used for the manufacture of tights departmental and special clothes, cheap costumes.

Nachesnye fabric : cloth, velveton, suede on the front side have a short dense pile nachisny. They are produced dyed, satin weave produce power in the process of finishing subjected to intense teasing and sNext, the pile is pressed. Between a tissue vary in thickness and density: suede - is the most dense and a good cloth; cloth - the most delicate, soft and friable. Nachisni use fabric for departmental and special clothes with high heat-shielding properties.

Diagonal - cloth or diagonalevogoarzhevogo weave with single yarn carded increased thickness; with a relative density of 74-79% in the warp, weft - 54-70%; surface density 212-380 g / m2. Mainly produce diagonal colored, some species - melange and printed (camouflage fabric). Used for the manufacture of diagonal trousers and overallss.

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