What you need to know the rules of the road


For people who have decided to zdat etc.Av need to learn that they have to sit the exam in the SAI on. But in this article we look at the most basic rules which must priderzhivatsya pedestrians:

  • In our country the right-hand traffic. Therefore, the cars are moving on the right side of the roadway. And pedestrians also adhere to the rules Sidedones on the sidewalk.
  • On the roadway people standing and talking, walking and rollerblading and other sports equipment is prohibited.
  • Children up to 14 years on the roadway on the bikes go strictly prohibited.
  • organize games on the road the categorycally prohibited because children who run the ball, do not notice anything else and often fall under the wheels.
  • it is necessary to cross the road only in the prescribed place - on transitions. If there are none, so it is necessary to follow the road and proceed only when there are no vehicles, and sofollow the same light turn signals, which are fed machine.
  • on the tracks can not play and go for it - it's dangerous.
  • It is necessary to bear in mind the responsibilities of the passenger, when you are in public transport.
  • Never overrunby the way! This is very dangerous, because you can stumble, stumble or slip and fall, and yet is fast approaching a car that can not stop immediately.
  • Even at designated places to go never fuss and do not run, and the first good look, all vehicles stopilis, and because drivers are different: one safe, and the second a tired and attention he has dulled the other could not see traffic lights and continue to go, and sometimes want to slip quickly, because in a hurry.
  • Never cross the carriageway if there is an underground passage. It is for that and there is thatfreely moving vehicles and pedestrians do not interfere with him. Underpass for people sufficiently comfortable and safe.
  • In some ways is the construction of a bridge lifting up of Railways to go and move through the iron, etc. . This - Pier.
  • The mostimportant in the transition of the road - it's your focus attention!

And here are the rules for students who have decided to go on a tour. Here, everything should move « & raquo ;. synchronously Imagine that the whole class is the teacher and the children go as they please, one flies forward while others lag behind,someone shouts, the other lifted his head and hit a pole. &Laquo; One - in the woods, the second - for firewood » - So says about such children folk wisdom. And teachers ashamed that children do not know how to behave. To avoid this, you need to go in pairs, one step from each other on the sidewalk to you freely to miss with people who you go navstretch. It is impossible to escape forward and keep up with wastes without permission aside, talk loudly because no one was interested in your conversations.

When the road is wet and slippery, and you need to walk properly. You can never go on curbs, because they are slippery, you can accidentally slip and fall under the wheels. And if Trotar slippery, it is impossible in snow or freezing and accelerate time to go, because not only can you do fall, but also to bring down the passers-by. And when there are puddles on the pavement from rain, then they should get, not to soil himself or others. So, we must learn to live among the people to themselves or others does not bring trouble. It is not only the rights ofsludge behavior on the road, but also the rules of culture.

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