Transcarpathia: Police looking scoundrels who have committed to Irshavschyni stealing church bell

to the next part Irshavsk police department received a report of a priest of the Roman Catholic church of the village Lysychevo that unknown persons committed theft of a large church bell. At the scene immediately went investigative team paradisedepartment, which documented the crime. As it turned out, in the village Lysychevo held in the new building of the Roman Catholic Church. The priest himself daily with builders work here. And they went out at lunch time on the court, he pointed out that the bell tower was gone most of the three bells. He then asked police. Kidnapped bell made of an alloy of silver, bronze and brass, weighing more than 150 kg .. it produced in Poland Contract in 1994. Law enforcement officials conduct activities to establish intruders, which rose hand on church property. Information about the offense included in the Unified Register of pre-trial investigations rosesinitiated criminal proceedings for Part 1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine 185 (theft). If you know any information about the possible location of the stolen church bells, or persons involved in this brazen crime, please call the number 102 or 067-793-62-16. Privacy and anonymity is guaranteed. Vita Horseto Irshavsky District Police