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In Khmelnytsky experiment comes to an end with the creation of a single police patrol (+)

a few days at the end Khmelnytsky practical phase of the establishment of a patrol police and other departments of the State "universal" unit, which combine the functions of public order and supervisionin the traffic within settlements. At the beginning of the experiment citizens somewhat incredulous attitude to this innovation MIA, but three months later their opinion has changed. As the monitoring of public opinion, mostly townspeople like that now in the streets often you can see well-equipped and physicallyneat police officers on modern cars that resemble European police and forced to think about the fact that Ukraine - also a European country. In addition, it has become evident that the police are now more focused on providing assistance in the execution of punitive functions. But at the same time, people almost unanimously believe that to reformy be effective, it is necessary first of all to protect themselves police. After all, they are still common because in Ukraine "telephone" often find themselves right, like between a rock and nakovalneyu when deciding whether to bring to justice senior wrongdoing, or to stay out of work because of a phone call. Overall for theexperiment in Khmelnytsky positive attitude almost 75% of the population who sincerely hope that it will give rise to their city so necessary and welcome reform not only the police but also in the country as a whole. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Khmelnytsky region