In Lviv thousand participants ATO and maydanivtsiv received psychological support

on the basis of short-circuit "Lviv Clinical Psychiatric Hospital" are psychological, psychotherapeutic, psychological and psychiatric mobile teams to help victims in the area of ??administrative units and their families. Now in the region there are 28 teams to work involving 89 experts from psyhoterapevtychnoyu education. The number of people undergoing examinations and psychological groups are members reaches 4,000 people. Professional psychological and psychotherapeutic assistance received more than 1,000 people (soldiers who returned from the zone of ATO in temporary leave, their families, the Revolution of dignity). The press service of the Department of the Lvivkoyi RSA. According to the report, within a few months of a person who has undergone some experiences in extreme conditions is a risk of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which will determine the future quality of life, level of disability (or disability) and problems in relationships with family for many years. For 70% of people who claimerezhyly this disorder, it becomes a major problem of treatment and rehabilitation, leading to a high risk of suicide and antisocial behavior, addictions and a wide range of economic, social and family problems. That is why this category of people in need of professional help. Volunteers Ukrainian Union of therapists involvedand to provide psychological care and work in medical institutions of the region have some training and use international standards. Qualification of them controls the special committee Ukrainian Union of Psychotherapists. More than 15 people of them are only for Europe certificates. At the initiative of the Department of ZdorOJ ’ I state administration and, in particular, Chief of the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Zakal George Alexander Fils, as well as regional coordinator of psychological services Zoriana Koshulynskoyi the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy FPDO Lviv National Medical University. D. Galician held thisMinar for psychologists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists Lviv, where prof. A. Fils gave a lecture on « PTSD. Psychological trauma. Stress. Grief. Reacting & raquo ;. These seminars are also held in the central district hospital area, as well as for students of University life and human security. Actively participatevolunteer professionals from Poland and Latvia. Psychologists professionally provide advisory and experimental psychological examination in military hospitals disabled veterans them. Lypa and Military – Clinical Medical Center West Region inquiries military commissariat and medical hospitals. Training for providing expert toassistance is an extremely important contribution to the prevention of mental health ’ i. It is necessary to take into account that the Region is one of the leading rehabilitation centers Ukraine for ATO members and psycho-psychological services are an ’ descriptive component of rehabilitation, said in a statement. Told