Volyn region: DSNS workers conducted a study object to woodworking companies

employees Rozhyshche February 19th District Department of Management DSNS Ukraine in the Volyn region held a training for woodworking companies LTD « & raquo ;, Tsunami located outside the Peasants, 48, in Rozhysche. At about ’ site of manufacture pellets, engaged in processing wood, warehouses is a significant amount of combustible materials. So for testing the algorithm operations personnel in danger organized evacuation of people from the warehouse of the building, eliminated conventional fire Theoretical training for employees predpryyemstva. A volunteer fire units own popraktykuvalys in extinguishing fire with powder and carbon dioxide fire extinguishers. Everyone was able to feel as emergency personnel « 101 » and try to extinguish the flame alone ’ i. &Laquo; We often conduct such training by which employees predpryyemstv can reasonably do in case of an emergency, because the speed of response and immediate action depends on the further development of fire suppression & raquo ;, – said Chief Inspector Rozhyshche RV DSNS in Ukraine in the Volyn region civil defense captain Michael Salov. In DSNS in Volyn region

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/