Transcarpathia: the Vynogradiv checked defenses at

Vynogradiv passes inspection of protective structures of civil protection area. Recently inventory commission chairman, Chairman of the National Assembly and Teb Vynogradiv RSA Anatoly Bazhura, head Vynohradivskyi District Department of Civil Service of Ukraine of Emergenciesin Zakarpattia Oblast Vladimir Turday, Head of the civil defense district administration Yuri Furyk and other members of the commission checked about 3 ’ objects hiding in the village of queens and 4 in. Vinogradov. It was found that satisfactory condition of protective structures and they can, if necessary, be used to shelter the population. Alsoinspected and easier shelter – basement APG « Carpathian Garden » in the village Korolevo length of 450 meters, which can be used to cover the population in emergency situations. &Laquo; Vynogradiv At the defenses of civil protection fully inspected. With available about 10 ’ cover all objects are ready for their intended use in case of emergencies & raquo ;, - said the head of the police station in Vladimir Oblast DSNS Durday. In DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region