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In the Zhytomyr region during the liquidation of fire rescuers found the body in the house mistress and her two sons

February 20 about 3 am to DSNS m. Ovruch received information about a fire in a private house in the village Kyrdany. The call was from a neighbor who woke up on that house are located next shotslate. Rescuers from ’ yasuvaly that there was fire in the adjacent room house (veranda). Also neighbors argued that the premises is possible 78-year-old owner and her sons – 1972 and 1977 birth. During the exploration nadzvychaynyky on the floor in the far room of the house, found the bodies of three men – mistress and her children. Soldiers DSNS its serviceable actions at 3:37 localized fire. The final liquidation took place at 6:15. In general, the two were engaged in extinguishing the fire fighting crew fire. According to preliminary version, the likely cause of the fire – short circuit in the electrical system. Currently, all the circumstances of ’ yasovuyutsya experts. In DSNS in Zhytomyr region