From March 2014 to February 2015 to Vinnytsia region got 7538 families displaced citizens

According to the Department of Social Policy Administration, from March 2014 to February 2015 came to an area 7538 families - (13 933 people) displaced citizens. Of these, 443 families - 1104 persons of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city. This isvastopolya and 7095 families - 12,829 people from Lugansk and Donetsk regions. In 6429 living in families - 10,992 people displaced citizens who are officially registered as a single database displaced citizens. Of these, 316 families - 682 people from Crimea and families 6113 - 10310 people from the East. They settled in homes 27 districts and 6 townsIncluding persons in 4123. Vinnitsa, and 42 families - 128 people in a dorm with. The new dam, Kalynivka district, 10 families (16 people) in the village. ZABOLOTNA, Kryzhopil district and 4 families (11 people) in the city. Jmerinka Street. Instituted, 9. Of the displaced citizens receiving social benefits and pensions asked 5690 people, of which 5176 persons heldpayments. In addition: - 10 377 people (6757 families) recorded according to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 01.10.2014, 509 and got help temporarily displaced citizens; - 6036 families filed an application for assistance under the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 10.01.2014, 505, of which 5534 families espeachena aid has designed and paid for the amount of 14519.0 thousand. UAH. Since 1790 displaced children: - 339 organized training in pre-school. - 313 students studying at the university I-IV accreditation levels. - 73 enrolled in vocational schools. - 1065 students who temporarily come and live in the Vinnytsia regionAsti (families relatives) organized school learning process, including the compact living. Also organized medical care 995 persons. From 5060 able-bodied persons to Employment appealed field 861 people, including 146 - employed, 437 - for unemployment benefits, the rest were withFathers unemployed person. Before the migration service area approached 592 persons for providing various types of administrative services, including 52 persons reinstated. Total registry housing for temporary residence of displaced persons registered facility for 44 279 citizens, including 35 private sector facilities for 146 persons. This MessageOr in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration