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There were artistic initiatives vocational schools Khmelnytsky

Initiated Khmelnytsky Regional Council student government vocational schools recently indoors Khmelnytsky Oblast State TV and Radio Company "skirts Center" held artistic initiatives VET forGOLD Khmelnytsky charity event "Voice of Peace". The campaign was supported Khmelnytsky Oblast State Administration, the Department of Education, National Center Khmelnitsky aesthetic education of youth. The event was attended by 27 vocational - technical education field. Also, participants charity event "Voice of Peace" became deputaati Khmelnytsky Regional Council, heads of departments, city representatives, entrepreneurs, community leaders, activists, volunteers, students of higher educational institutions. Khmelnitsky. Charity event "Voice of Peace" was intended: to demonstrate unity and solidity of Ukraine; show that school youth vocational training ofakladiv Khmelnytsky with the characters; raise funds for the needs of our countrymen who defend the country in the east and people are forced to leave their home due to military operations in our country. In the lobby of the broadcasting company "skirts Center" acted charity auction-sale of goods and items made by students and staff of vocational schools; passagodyly workshops; VET volunteers worked to collect donations. When artistic initiatives charity event "Voice of Peace" in the hall, which was located about 600 participants, were: Vice-President - Chief of Staff of the Khmelnytsky Oblast State Administration stem Leo V., Deputy Director-Headmanagement of professional education and resources for the Department of Education and Science of the Khmelnytsky Oblast State Administration Kharchuk Antonina M. Volunteer Army "SOS" Alla V. Khmelnitsky Farvanchuk. During the event, "The Voice of Peace" met with a member of ATO - employee Khmelnytsky professional lyceum Alexei KolosovAndrey. Student government leaders and representatives of Khmelnytsky professional lyceum electronics Yarmolinetskiy professional lyceum Shepetovskogo professional lyceum DPTNZ "Krasylivsky professional college" DPTNZ "Derazhniansky professional agrarian lyceum", as the aid was transferred certificates for their products8 fighters Special Purpose Regiment and members of self-defense and control of interest. The information was