Ternopil: "The key to the success of the task of minimizing corruption is to ensure an adequate level of knowledge of anti-corruption legislation"

- find the meeting-training, which took place in the regional council. Specialists from the leaders of anti-corruption legislation listened institutions, enterprises, institutions and organizations of communal vlasnosthose regional council. Welcomed the participants of the event manager of the executive office of the Ternopil Regional Council Igor Duleba. He said: "The aim of this study is to inform managers of joint ownership of local communities, villages, towns and cities in Ternopil Oblast amended the Law of Ukraine" On Prevention andCombating Corruption "on subjects for corruption offenses. By the way, to improve the implementation of measures to prevent and combat corruption, to meet the requirements of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on September 4, 2013 706 "On prevention and detection of corruption" Ternopil regional council ordered the supervisorivnykiv of joint ownership of territorial communities of villages, towns and cities in Ternopil region to create (define) and to operate the units (s) on the prevention and detection of corruption in enterprises, institutions and organizations that are owned. Deputy Administrator of the executive officeTernopil Regional Council - Head of Legal and HR executive office Ternopil Oblast Council Natalia Dubas said: "These studies on the one hand, promote the legislation giving effect to the preventive anti-corruption mechanisms, and the other - raise the level of awareness of legal executives, complianceidno and their teams, which reduces the risk of violation of their fundamental rights and freedoms in everyday life, and contributes to public intolerance of corruption. " Informed those present Chief Engineer - Counsel Office MDCS Ukraine in the Ternopil region Maxim Quiver and Head of the Sector for constructionobihannya and anti-corruption cooperation with law enforcement and defense of the apparatus RSA Boris Long This was reported in the press service of the Ternopil Regional Council

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