In the Lviv region Chervonograd police caught two previous convictions local residents outside attackers robbed pensioner

people kidnapped in bank card from which further removed 7000 UAH. The money they spent to purchase drugs. By Chervonograd city police department, 13 February, a statement theft turned 64-year-old local resident who reported that on a street in the city of his pocket, stolen bank card from which later removed 7000 UAH. Employees Investigation Branch in cooperation with local policeman Chervonograd CF found that the theft involved a 30-year and 32-thingtion locals. "Attackers have repeatedly brought to criminal liability. They confessed to the crime and said that the stolen money spent on the purchase of drugs "- told the investigator investigator department CF Chervonograd police Lt. Andrew Mucha. On this fact openly criminal proceedingsPart 2 and 185 (theft) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine and Part 1 st.357 (theft, extortion of documents, stamps, seals, or acquiring them by fraud or malpractice or damage) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Pre-trial investigation continues. CCA Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Lviv region by Oksana Kozachok materials, Assistant Chief Mervonohradskoho MB