State car once again reminds drivers of the design features Yevroprotokoliv

Employees of the State Zhytomyr urge drivers to actively engage in the practice of European design small accidents own. The relevant law operates in Ukraine since September 2011. However, the drivers and tosi prefer to process traffic accidents traffic police, and only 7% of small accidents have the right to decide, traffic conflicts. - We remind drivers that in Ukraine legally approved simplified mechanism design accident with minor effects by adding the message of adventure. This iscalled Yevroprotokol - a form of unified design across Europe, which is filled with drivers participating accidents at the site of the accident - says chief Vladimir Zhytomyr UGAI mushroom. Remember that drivers of vehicles that were in accidents can take Yevroprotokolom only if the following circumstances: - Participants adventure is lyshe equipped vehicles MTPL policy; - No injured (dead) people; - Drivers parties agreed on the accident circumstances it was committed; - Drivers no signs of alcohol, drugs or other intoxication or being under the influence of drugs. As experts and drivers who have tried to practice independentlyFirst registration traffic accidents, the most difficult circuit can cause image accidents. However, any advice please call a "hot line" referred to in Yevroprotokoli. The law stipulates that Yevroprotokoliv forms are issued free of charge motorists during the contract compulsory insurance. If it was usedof new providers also insurer. Keep in mind that using the right of self-design accidents, drivers automatically save your time and get rid of excessive red tape. So after filling Yevroprotokoliv adventure participants are free to leave the place of execution and shall be exempt from administrative responsibility ofand abuse that led to the accident. However, the decision to call the police employee involved in the accident take yourself. If they deem it necessary to issue an accident on common rules, traffic police can not deny motorists in the drafting of relevant documents on the spot. However, in case of failure of at least onenamed for Yevroprotokolu conditions, call the police employee for registration mandatory accident. UGAI Internal Affairs of Ukraine Zhytomyr region