Transcarpathian police be tempted to $ 200

bribe the decision to return smooth-bore guns, two people tried to give the inspector licensing system Rakhivsky district police bribe of $ 200. In January this year Rakhovsky police discovered the illegal hunting in the village of Bogdan. As a result, withlidchym started criminal proceedings and withdrawn smooth-bore hunting rifle. around noon two residents Bogdan tried to "zamnuty" deal, giving bribe the inspector licensing system Rakhivsky police department. Cash in the amount of $ 200, they tried to give law enforcement agencies in his chambers, Remoteabout. Briber was caught red-handed. - The issue of choosing of a preventive measure for the data entities and to initiate criminal proceedings under Part 3 st.369 Criminal Code of Ukraine (offer, promise or giving of an undue benefit an official) - the head of the police department Rakhivsky Veit Ludwig.This article provides a penalty of imprisonment for a term of four to eight years with confiscation special. Olesya Tchaikovsky Rahiv District Police