In the Rivne region firefighters rescued from destruction by fire a house

February 18 about 16:29 to Fire and Rescue Service smt.Volodymyrets fire was reported on the farm Lozkivskoyi the village, Volodymyrets area. Burned outbuildings. At the address promptly went another guard rescuers 5th Regulatith fire-rescue smt.Rafalivka post. Upon arrival firefighters to place a call trees ’ wooden outbuildings, covered by roofing material, was completely covered by flame ’ pits. Next was trees ’ plates and house, which has already started to tumble fire. Everything indicated that reports of fire acted too late. Having quickly operational deployment of firefighters in fire suppression given water barrel. Thanks to well-organized work in a short period of time the fire was eliminated without giving further spread of fire trees ’ yanym residential building designs thus saving it from destruction. The fire destroyed the trees ’Jan outbuildings, covered roofing, wall and roof damaged trees ’ yanoho residential building roof and cellar. Injured and killed by a fire there. The cause of the fire and amount of damage now ’ yasovuyutsya experts. Rescuers State Service for Emergency Situations again urge citizens to strictly complyys basic fire safety rules to protect your home and property from fire. In the same case when fire broke out without wasting a second call to a number Rescue « 101 & raquo ;. Volodymyretzh PC PG DSNS Ukraine in Rivne region