John Krysak "Military duty should understand each bound to military service"

Additional measures for mobilizing discussed during the meeting which held February 19, acting head of the Ternopil Oblast State Administration Ivan Krysak. Participating in the meeting were military commissar Ternopil regional viyskkomathat Colonel Vladimir Katyn, Head of the Mobilization RSA Igor Romanov, Head of the Sector for preventing and combating corruption, cooperation with law enforcement and defense of the apparatus RSA Boris long. The process of mobilization in the Ternopil region under the control of managers about Ternopillderzhadministratsiyi. In particular, is the public awareness as well as by regular checks on the effectiveness of the implementation of mobilization activities on the ground. "We will develop appropriate leaflets with recommendations for the Mobilization and send their heads of regional state administrations, city andvillage councils. Also prepare queries in the SBU, the Interior Ministry and prosecutor's office regarding the investigation and prosecution of violators of the current legislation concerning mobilization preparation and mobilization. His military duty must realize and fulfill every citizen "- said John Krysak. In addition, acting goalOva Toda said that those who returned from the zone of ATO will receive the necessary assistance. Department of Health ODA currently monitors hospitals that are willing to provide rehabilitation of demobilized soldiers. "Conscripted arriving from areas where the ATO - our pride - said John Krysak. - Theywill undergo rehabilitation in our hospitals. I call upon all who should replace demobilized not depart from that mission. " This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration