The museum exhibition combined UCU national icon and a children's picture

Museum Catholic University and the Institute for gathering Ukrainian artistic monuments in the Shevchenko Scientific Society in Lviv and creative studio offering Sofia gardener examine housekeepers icons Bukovina, Huzulschyna Pokuttya nineteenth century. According to the press service of the Ukrainian Catholic University, the exhibition « from the Roman to the Presentation » are images depicting winter cycle holidays in folk icon and children's drawings. Museum Director Andrew Tsybko UCU says that Ukrainian rarely used term « & raquo ;, icon more – &Laquo; & raquo ;, images that hang in peasant huts to prominence during tip attached to the wall, creating a kind of indoor IKOnostas. An interesting piece of the exhibition at the Museum of UCU are icons on glass. &Laquo; in the nineteenth century. in the Carpathian region (Romania, Slovakia, Poland) icon on the glass is original, bright view of folk art. Since then she swept Carpathian region Ukraine – Pokuttya Gutsulschinu, Bukovina, which were part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, &Ndash; said Andrew Tsybko. &Ndash; An interesting feature of Ukrainian regions of the painting is that local craftsmen painted icons on glass only. Instead, elsewhere in Europe, next to the icon became very popular secular subjects: landscapes, still life, everyday scenes & raquo ;. Museum Director UCU said that in Creehkist material (glass thickness 0,8-2 mm), World War II and the Soviet occupation atheistic regime dramatically reduced the number of authentic images on glass. According to researchers, museums Ukraine there are about 200, and in private collections – more than 500 images on glass. The exhibition at UCU « open » icon of Transcarpathia « Protection of the Mother of God » beg. XVIII., Which actually has nothing to winter holidays cycle of the church year. Yet, even not very keen spectator Note dominant figure on this icon – Roman Sladkospivtsya. Indeed, as the inscription on the icon, it ordered its Roman Tyaskaylo production (« and made this the image on your otpuscheniye »). Find the same icon the national master of these regions of the dedicated to St. directly. Roman Sladkospivtsyu impossible. Instead, dominate favorite images of saints: St. about. Nicholas, St. Barbara and Catherine, St Basil. Art historian notes that rarely find images on folk icon plots own religious holidays – Christmas, Epiphany or Candlemas. For such images require higher skills and paint the prerogative of religious painters. Folk art researcher stresses that the Ukrainian folk icon found itself out of sight ethnographers, art critics, art collectors and during its heydayin and departure from the life of the peasants. In his view, this floor ’ connected with the fact that rozkovana Figure manner, ignoring templates shocked contemporary folk artists experts and connoisseurs of art. First peasant folk images were presented at the exhibition Galician folk art in Lviv in 1939. According to museum director UCU poyedment in the exhibition of folk images of children's drawings emphasizes character works of folk painters – sincere, rozkovanyy not particularly burdened by the canons of the church or brush. &Laquo; Perhaps performers as customers of these images are as close as possible to the children in her conversation with God – whether in prayer or in his paintingsearch & raquo ;, – said Andrew Tsybko. Told