In the Rivne region temporary work - motivation to work and earn an additional source

is active in Bereznivsky regional employment center towards attracting unemployed to work temporary. This form of employment since the beginning of 2015 was covered by 31 unemployed persons. The work of a temporary nature, along with other measuresand state employment policy does not lose its value. With their help somewhat reduced severity of the problem, because people who participate in temporary work, keep motivated to work with an additional source of income and promote the implementation of certain works where there is an urgent need. This work is carried out exclusively on a specially created forThis temporary jobs. For people who are involved in them, covered in full labor legislation. Unemployed persons who participated in the work of a temporary nature, working in enterprises: CE "Bereznekomunservis", JSC "Bereznovsky ptahopidpryyemstvo" specialized industrial agricultural cooperative "Ahrolis." Head SVUK "Ahrolis" says John Wise welcomed the cooperation with the district employment center. In particular, he said: "Our company has resumed business in December 2014. According to paperwork for recruitment activities and need some time. Specialists RTSZ offered for organization of temporary work. byGenerally, not only we, but also the heads of other companies are very satisfied with the kind of services employment services. We had a look at the performance of employees, some not cope with the orders - and we parted with them. However, had the opportunity to pick responsible and conscientious workers. People also had time to decide whether Dr.soul of their proposed work. " John Wise stresses that cooperation with the Employment Service managers had already received a lot of free and useful information: the training of the unemployed to order employers internship. One of the most attractive companies have information on financial support. John Wise is toldis that at a seminar at the employment agency found that its business activity is in the list of priority economic activities. In May 2015 they plan to create 11 new jobs and a hope for future cooperation. In particular, rely on financial support - receive monthly compensation for actual expenses in Rozmiri single social contribution. This was reported in Rivne city employment center