Stolen in Ternopil car thief sold as driven from the area ATO, police caught circuit

business selling stolen cars organized in Ternopil local resident. A man stole a month and sold five vehicles. To the buyers had any questions concerning excessively low cost lehkivok, said that bought their ownersin the area of ??TU. Criminal scheme exposed employees of the Criminal Investigation regional police. A statement about the disappearance by car "VAZ - 21099" at the beginning of January complaint from a citizen of our city. The man said that at night leaving trucks in the yard, and in the morning the car was gone. Within a month, law enforcement officers received three Zayayou from car owners from Ternopil. All gone by car at night. The audit investigators found that all burglaries involved 22-year-old previously convicted, an unemployed resident of Ternopil. Moon crimes confessed. Already during the investigation police learned that the attacker is involved in the kidnapping of one vehicle. Over the Arctic Oceanyou chief of the Criminal Investigation regional police Yatsuha Stephen, a man stole only cars that were not equipped with an alarm system. The Hot perehanyav it by car in Podgaetskiy area and marketed to individuals engaged in the resale of vehicles. The price is cheaper than the real set, explaining to customers that purchased the car in the area of ??ATO, they say,where people urgently need money. For one by car average was 1.5 - 2 thousand dollars, because customers were the goods quickly. During the searches, investigators Criminal Investigation regional police found three other people by car and even parts of the two vehicles that were stolen first. Currently, law enforcement officersand check out the involvement of men in other crimes committed on the territory of Ternopil region and in neighboring areas. Avtokradiyu charged with part 2 of Article 289 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine - misappropriation of the vehicle. Attackers preventive measure in the form of house arrest. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region