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In the Zhytomyr region due to increased fire danger rescuers calling people to follow the rules of fire safety in places of recreation in

BC ’ communication with the hot weather and output, which usually holds public in nature, the issue of preventing the emergence and spread of fires in forest areas is particularly acute. Thisand showed last week. Only in the period 27 June to 1 July forestry workers registered 54 fire in the forests. Also during the week Olevsk location rescuers had to eliminate the burning of peat individual cells in an area of ??6 hectares. Therefore, the period of high fire danger rescuers and foresters napolegleviyvo appeal to people to refrain from using fire, breeding campfire while visiting the forest, picnics and celebrations outdoors. Especially dangerous are even minimal wind, which in the case of dry vegetation fire facilitate instantaneous spread of fire. And in the absence of basic facilities extinguishing (water, sand, Earth, branches) fires in forests become rampant. Memory ’ Yatai, often a source of ignition in the forest is carelessly thrown match, cigarette cigarettes fire is not extinguished. In case of fire should quickly call a number « 101 & raquo ;. To prevent such situations in our region, and vrahovuyuchy hot weather, let us together take care of the safety of forest area – The largest in Ukraine. Management DSNS in Zhytomyr region