In the Rivne region through joint efforts of local firefighters, rescue workers and the public DSNS fire quickly eliminated

July 2 about 15:35 to Rescue the number « 101 » received a report of a fire in the village Gorodets Volodymyrets area. Burning the outhouse, and straw haystack haystack in the private sector. Fire CWydko and distributed through the gusty wind could at any time spread to adjacent outbuildings. At the address was immediately sent to the local fire department (IPC) Gorodets village and the district center from left guard next 11th state of the Fire and Rescue Directorate DSNS. Not indifferent villagers were victims of the fire, which quickly deployDo extinguishing pumps. Thanks to the joint efforts of local firefighters, rescue workers and the public fire quickly eliminated without giving the fire spread to other buildings management, the actual increase in losses prevented. The fire had destroyed haystack stack straw and a total weight of more than 6 tonnes. Outbuildings and damage. Deaths or Mayavmovanyh by a fire there. The cause of the fire is under investigation by specialists. &Laquo; Note that fire-rescue units of the State Service of the National Assembly in the district center is located at a distance of over 20 km. from. Gorodets, while local firefighters within their locality are able to quickly engage in firefightingand quickly remove them. Benefits presence in rural areas of the IPC overemphasized, because in case of fire or other emergency events is not lost precious time on the road and thus reduced the amount of losses, causing fire element. The local fire brigade in s.Horodets during its existence has managed to eliminate dozens nozhezh, and the amount remaining assets can be measured in hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian hryvnias & raquo ;, - said the head of the district Volodymyrets sector PG DSNS Ukraine in Rivne Andrew Muravynets. Local fire team are essential to ensure efficient and rapid response to extinguish fires and other emergencies that couldoccur on the territory of a rural settlement. In Volodymyrets district units of the IPC exists only n ’ Five, so work on their creation should actively pursue and rural communities actively involved in resolving the issue. Volodymyretzh RS PG DSNS Ukraine in Rivne region