Chernivtsi region, on one of the fires that have arisen during the day,

people injured last day of the Chernivtsi region happened 4 fires, one of which was traumatized people. Thus, in the village Marshyntsi Novoselytsia district fire broke out in a building. How can ’ it turned out, inside was a man born in 1957. He slept and not exclusionuvav danger. The fire was noticed neighbors who saw the smoke coming from the windows. They said the fire rescue service 101, then went inside the house and helped her husband to go out. The man received burns right foot Class. Rescuers city Novoselytsia who arrived at place a call, eliminated the fire, preventing further NEPsyrennyu fire. This was saved from destruction house. The preliminary cause of fire is careless use of fire by injured while smoking in bed. Another 3 fire originated in Chernivtsi. In particular, on the street. Bohdan Khmelnytsky oblast center was engulfed in fire house. State Fire and Rescue workers ryatuvalnoyi of number 1, who arrived on the scene in minutes, quickly locate the fire to the extent in which they found on arrival. Later the fire was extinguished. The fire destroyed household goods. Firefighters rescued from the destruction of a house. Victims in the fire there. In addition, a fire occurred in Chernivtsifarm buildings on the street .. factory and one-story apartment house on the street. Rosa Luxemburg. In both cases, fire fighters and rescue units eliminated the fire, not allowing it to spread a large area. This rescuers saved from the fire one building. The dead and injured there. Press Service of Ukraine UDSNS Mernivetskiy area