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In the Transcarpathian region Tyachiv businessmen sent to the ATO over a thousand bottles of "mineral"

Now the front sorely lacking drinking water. To help in solving this problem to the volunteers center "Gorgan" addressed the soldiers of 5th Battalion Duk "Right Sector" (under the command of battalion commander Black), said Committed to help entrepreneurs Alexander Shpak, Basil Prints, Dovhunyk Ivan, Ivan and Vasily meze with Teresva Gleb, Mikhail Babich and Vitaliy Berdar of Tyachiv John Ternovskii of Hrushova. Overall, east sent over a thousand bottles of drinking water. Soldiers are sincerely grateful to the benefactors for help. See also: In Tyachiv Day celebrated physician Butfault Transcarpathia - "Carpathian lens" Told