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Chernivtsi police searching for stolen bike owners and property

Sentinels, at home in Bukovina found scooters, bicycles, spare parts and other valuables whose origin he could not explain. As the chief of Pervomaisky district police Ion Shalar lately frequent appeals of citizens about the disappearance of herx bicycles. To expose the attacker we stepped of operational and preventive activities in the area. The result found that one of the residents of the regional center may be involved in these thefts. During the unauthorized search of the residence was seized the helper motor transport and a large number of cyclistsvirgins and children among them and various spare parts. In addition, find power tools, car radio, subwoofer, battery and so on. Owners of seized property, the police have already established. So the police with a request to refer citizens to carefully examine the pictures and if you knew their stuff, vehicles - seePervomaisky police department at m. Chernivtsi, vul. Ruska 183 or call 6-19-05. Currently investigative actions attacker qualify for the crime under Art. 185 (theft) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. The investigation continues. In most cases, attackers use safety themselves as property owners. Left unattended securitiesIncidentally, motor transport and bicycles are easy targets for thieves. It should be noted that the preservation of the property must take care not only police but also every citizen. It is better to prevent crime than perpetrators and then look for property. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Chernivtsi region